Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree

Rodale Books #ad - Written by two of the country's top genealogists, 113 million americans have begun to trace their roots, this is the first book to explain how new and groundbreaking genetic testing can help you research your ancestryAccording to American Demographics, making genealogy the second most popular hobby in the country after gardening.

Family lore has it that a branch of our family emigrated to Argentina and now I've found some people there with our name. The authors reveal exactly what is possible-and what is not possible-with genetic testing. It's in expensive, easy to do, and the results are accurate: It's as simple as swabbing the inside of your cheek and popping a sample in the mail.

Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree #ad - Are there any tests available to help her learn about her heritage? I just discovered someone else with my highly unusual surname. Enthusiasts clamor for new information from dozens of subscription-based websites, email newsletters, and magazines devoted to the subject. They include case studies of both famous historial mysteries and examples of ordinary folks whose exploration of genetic genealogy has enabled them to trace their roots.

After a brief introduction to genealogy and genetics fundamentals, how to interpret the results, the authors explain the types of available testing, what kind of information the tests can provide, and how the tests work it doesn't involve digging up your dead relatives. Can testing tell us whether we're from the same family?My mother was adopted and doesn't know her ethnicity.

For these eager roots-seekers looking to take their searches to the next level, DNA testing is the answer.


It Happened in the Revolutionary War: Stories of Events and People that Shaped American History It Happened In Series

Globe Pequot #ad - From the never-ending controversy over the boston Massacre to the world’s first working sort of submarine, It Happened in the Revolutionary War looks at intriguing people and episodes that shaped the course of the war. Meet banistre tarlton, a ruthless British commander who showed no mercy, earning him a reputation as the meanest man in America.

And find out why the governor of Virginia shot a cannon at his own house. Relive the harrowing horseback journey of Betsy Dowdy, a sixteen-year-old who braved a 50-mile nighttime ride to warn the Patriots about British troop movements.


Lie Detecting 101: A Comprehensive Course in Spotting Lies and Detecting Deceit

Skyhorse #ad - You can’t always rely on what comes out of someone’s mouth. With full-color photographs and practical examples, Lie Detecting 101 provides anyone with the tools to be a human lie detector. Lying is a normal part of human communication and is sometimes necessary to protect someone’s feelings, cheat, but there are also malicious lies meant to deceive, and defraud.

David craig provides readers with an easy-to-follow guide on applying lie-detection skills to your everyday life. It doesn’t take mind reading superpowers to be able to tell when someone is lying—but it does take special skills and a little practice. In lie detecting 101, international expert in undercover operations Dr.

Lie Detecting 101: A Comprehensive Course in Spotting Lies and Detecting Deceit #ad - The mystery of what a person is really thinking is finally unlocked in this fascinating and informative book. From the simple skills of bargaining, or dealing with children, making a purchase, to the more serious business of negotiating a contract or identifying infidelity, Craig delivers simple but effective tips and techniques we can all use to see behind the façade and get to the truth.

Lie detecting 101 is the culmination of over twenty years of practical criminology and hundreds of hours of academic research. Split into three parts, the book looks at understanding lies and how to detect lies, and includes an easy reference section that summarizes all the main points.


The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet

Ten Speed Press #ad - The star of animal planet’s it’s me or the Dog reveals how to both interpret and “speak” the hidden language of dogs. Recent studies into the minds of canines show that they have a rich social intelligence and a physical and vocal language as complex and subtle as our own. In this fun and fascinating guide,  world-renowned trainer Victoria Stilwell explores the inner world of dogs.

This book is your guide to understanding your pooch, communicating effectively, strengthening your bond, and helping dogs learn in the most effective way possible so they feel confident navigating the human world with success. Along the way, you’ll learn the answers to questions such as: • what do different tail wags mean? • what does being right-pawed say about my dog’s personality? • How can I tell the difference between boredom barking and warning barking? • What does it mean when my dog spins around, or gives me the whale eye? • Do dogs feel guilt? • How do dogs perceive human faces? • Why do some scientists think dogs’ emotional experience is even greater than ours?Filled with adorable full-color photographs and instructive illustrations, arches his back, this insightful “dog decoder” will soon make you dog’s best friend.


Ultimate Trivia, Volume 1: 800 + Fun and Challenging Trivia Questions

Rockridge Press #ad - 1 includes:a variety of formats—Try team vs. Become a triumphant trivia bossIf you want to impress people with your wide-ranging knowledge at the next game night, pick up Ultimate Trivia, Vol. Test your family’s historical knowledge at the next holiday gathering. 1. Team in group play or go head-to-head with a friend to see who comes out as a trivia master.

Checked and double-checked—All the information has been strenuously fact-checked to ensure everything is accurate and up to date. So many subjects—you name it, it’s probably covered: US and world history, pop culture and food and drink—it has it all. Leave a lasting impact at the next trivia night with this brain-busting book.

Ultimate Trivia, Volume 1: 800 + Fun and Challenging Trivia Questions #ad - It doesn’t matter the setting—this trivia book is perfect. Ultimate Trivia, Vol. Or belly up to the bar and engage in a Q&A about animals and nature. The 800-plus questions in this book are spread over amusing and diverse categories creating a wide and fun playing field for everyone. Pass the time on a cross-country road trip with questions on literature and fine arts.


50 Essential Etiquette Lessons: How to Eat Lunch with Your Boss, Handle Happy Hour Like a Pro, and Write a Thank You Note in the Age of Texting and Tweeting

Althea Press #ad - 50 essential etiquette Lessons shows you the best way to approach these common challenges with confidence and ease. Learn specific strategies for performing your best in social settings, both in person and online. Master skills like keeping conversation going, showing your best side on social media, giving gifts appropriately, and more.

50 essential etiquette lessons includes:50 indispensable tips—Get etiquette advice for dining out with friends, navigating a networking event, celebrating special occasions, and more. Updated manners—no need to be fussy or formal—this is practical, straightforward etiquette for today. Real-life examples—tackle tricky scenarios with the help of a Q&A chapter that shows you how to use etiquette confidently every day.

50 Essential Etiquette Lessons: How to Eat Lunch with Your Boss, Handle Happy Hour Like a Pro, and Write a Thank You Note in the Age of Texting and Tweeting #ad - With 50 essential etiquette Lessons, embarrassing missteps and awkward silences will be a thing of the past. Never mind putting your pinkies up when you drink tea—this guide is packed with modern examples of how to handle any sticky situation. Short, easy lessons cover workplace etiquette, to help you come across as an on-point, put-together asset to any company.

Stay cool in any situation with this modern manners guide. Meeting strangers at a party, alone in the elevator with the CEO, declining a second date because the first was a disaster—social situations apply a lot of pressure to do and say the right thing.


Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers

Crown #ad - The story of the glorious revolution is a rich and riveting saga of palace intrigue, loyalty and shocking betrayal, and bold political and military strategizing. With narrative drive, parliamentarians, queens, and a large cast of full-blooded characters, soldiers, a sure command of historical events, and unforgettable portraits of kings, Barone takes an episode that has fallen into unjustified obscurity and restores it to the prominence it deserves.

In this work of popular history, without the glorious Revolution, Michael Barone brings the story of this unlikely and largely bloodless revolt to American readers and reveals that, the American Revolution may never have happened. Especially now, as we face enemies who wish to rid the world of the lasting legacies of the Glorious Revolution—democracy, individual rights, and capitalism among them—it is vitally important that we understand the origins of these blessings.

It sprang from the character of the english people and depended on the talents, who launched history’s last successful cross-channel inva sion, and good luck of two men: William of Orange later William III of England, audacity, an ancestor of Winston, and John Churchill, who commanded the forces of the deposed James II but crossed over to support William one fateful November night.

Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers #ad - Unfolding in 1688–1689, guaranteed liberties, britain’s Glorious Revolution resulted in the hallmarks of representative government, the foundations of global capitalism, and a foreign policy of opposing aggressive foreign powers. But as barone shows, there was nothing inevitable about the Glorious Revolution.

The ideals of freedom and individual rights that inspired America’s Founding Fathers can be traced directly back to one of the most pivotal events in British history: the late-seventeenth-century uprising known as the Glorious Revolution.


Five-Minute Focus: Exercises to Reduce Distraction, Improve Concentration, and Increase Performance

Rockridge Press #ad - Let’s get focused. This daily exercise book includes:Focus fast—Discover what focus is, why it's essential, and how to get focused fast—anytime, anywhere. Practice makes perfect—you’ll get guidance on setting a schedule to find focus through actionable solutions to help speed up your performance.

Concentration-building solutions—Simple exercises like basic breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga can help build your concentration. Sharpen your focus and boost your performance—in an instant—with Five-Minute Focus. Five-minute focus can help you live a more meaningful life through developing creative passion and personal connection to who and what matters most.

Five-Minute Focus: Exercises to Reduce Distraction, Improve Concentration, and Increase Performance #ad - Five minutes a day is all it takes. Five-minute focus shows you how with smart, mindfulness- and neuroscience-based exercises so you can flex your focus—like a muscle—and get more done every day. Get 75 quick, scientifically-proven tips and tricks you can use to tackle stress at home, at work, easy, in relationships, and beyond.

. Five minutes is all it takes. It’s a fact: you can improve focus and concentration in just five minutes a day. Fast. Focus.


Food Confidential: The Corporate Takeover of Food Security and the Family Farm-and What to Do About It

Skyhorse #ad - But what she found disturbed her. I had to live it, ” Nicole says. Outsourced food production. Farmers retiring or going out of business. I couldn’t tell people the solutions to our food crisis while I was traipsing around America taking photos. Climate change. With this admittedly bleak assessment of the current state of affairs, Nicole and her family decided to abandon the bus trip and instead start a farm.

. When author and homesteader nicole faires decided to retrofit an old school bus and tour America’s small farms with her husband and two small children, she expected to learn a lot, be inspired, and have some fun. And so the seeds for Food Confidential were sown. Our basic right to healthy food is at risk.

Food Confidential: The Corporate Takeover of Food Security and the Family Farm-and What to Do About It #ad - What can we do? written in an astute, armed with examples from her own homesteading lifestyle, engaging style, small farmer Nicole Faires’s Food Confidential gives you the tools to fight the intangible battles, as well as the practical ones. Corporations controlling our food distribution system while being protected from the consequences when they endanger our health.

Mismanaged small farms; clueless urbanites setting up shop to “get back to the land”; a mindless devotion to organic farming; and, ultimately, the discovery of just how dependent we are on corporations for our food. She began to understand how dangerous and fragile our food system really is. Skyrocketing food prices.


They Laughed at Galileo: How the Great Inventors Proved Their Critics Wrong

Skyhorse #ad - Edward L. A humorous account of great inventors and their critics who predicted failure. They laughed at galileo takes a humorous and reflective look at one thousand years of the development of humankind: those who dreamt, those who opposed, those who taught, and those who, ultimately, did. At some point in modern history, or a handful of people, each and every one of our inventions and discoveries was first envisioned and then developed by a single person, who dreamt of the seemingly impossible.

Drake’s eventual success on august 27, 1859, was called the day “the crazy man first struck oil. Louis pasteur’s theory of germs was considered a “ridiculous fiction. Each of these inventions has had a profound effect on the course of human history, resisted, and each one was rejected, and ridiculed in its day.

They Laughed at Galileo: How the Great Inventors Proved Their Critics Wrong #ad - Ultimately, the innovators who brought these into existence provided invaluable contributions to science and the culture of humankind. For them, but for the vast majority, the future was clear and obvious, including the acknowledged experts of their days, such belief was sheer folly. For just about everything that has improved our modern lifestyles in a way that our ancestors could not possibly imagine, there was once a lone dreamer proclaiming, “It can be done.

That dreamer was nearly always opposed by a team of “enlightened” contemporaries publicly declaring, “It cannot be done. Well, yes it could. Marconi’s wireless radio transmissions were initially deemed pointless.


Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History

Skyhorse #ad - Finally, no one knows Einstein’s last words. You’ll learn that an irate blacksmith threw his hammer at a fox and missed, hitting a rock and revealing the largest vein of silver ever discovered, thus changing the finances of Canada forever. Hilarious, fascinating, and a roller coaster of dizzying, historical what-ifs, Napoleon’s Hemorrhoids is a potpourri for serious historians and casual history buffs.

They were in German, a language his nurse did not speak. A treasure trove filled with fascinating anecdotes about the tiny ripples that created big waves in history, Napoleon’s Hemorrhoids is much more than just a trivial fact book; it is an astonishing historical-fate book revealing how our most famous incidents, best-loved works of art, and most accepted historical outcomes are simply twists of fate.

Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History #ad - You’ll discover that before the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon’s painful hemorrhoids prevented him from mounting his horse to survey the battlefield. Interestingly, charlton heston was cast as Moses in The Ten Commandments because his broken nose made him look like Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of Moses.

In one of phil mason’s many revelations, you’ll learn that Communist jets were two minutes away from opening fire on American planes during the Cuban missile crisis, when they had to turn back as they were running out of fuel.