Book ‘Em: Four Bibliomysteries by Edgar Award-Winning Authors

#ad Road #ad - Parker  from the queen by carolyn hart: when a priceless, ellen gallagher calls on her friend Annie Darling, disappears from her South Carolina thrift shop, autographed and inscribed to the Queen of England, first edition of Agatha Christie’s Poirot Investigates, owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand, to track it down.

Noir’s reigning crown princess. Booklist  what’s in a Name? by Thomas H. Cook: rare books dealer and amateur historian Franklin Altman has always wondered how the world might have turned out if the First World War had ended differently. A quartet of crime stories about deadly books—penned by award-winning contemporary mystery writers.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the armistice Treaty, the contents of which, an ancient German mysteriously appears and presents him with a personal manuscript, he claims, have the power to change history. Thomas perry is, quite simply, brilliant. Robert B. The little men by megan abbott: rumors and strange experiences lead a washed-up actress in 1950s Hollywood to question the suspicious circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide of a former occupant of her low-rent bungalow—especially after she discovers an ominous inscription in a book that’s closely guarded by her mysterious landlord.

Book 'Em: Four Bibliomysteries by Edgar Award-Winning Authors #ad - But the caller’s demands will lead to a devilish plot twist. A gifted novelist, intelligent and compassionate. Joyce carol oates  the book of the lion by thomas Perry: An anonymous phone call sends Professor Dominic Hallkyn on a mad dash through the streets of Boston in pursuit of a priceless Chaucerian manuscript.


Bookshop Mysteries: Five Bibliomysteries by Bestselling Authors

#ad Road #ad - The travelling companion by ian rankin: a young Scotsman in Paris is drawn into a shocking mystery that resides within the pages of an unpublished manuscript allegedly penned by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book thing by laura lippman: private investigator Tess Monaghan must help the irascible proprietor of a Baltimore children’s bookstore keep her business afloat by unmasking an elusive and utterly ingenious book thief.

Crime and literature make strange and sinister bedfellows in this winning anthology of book-themed whodunits by five acclaimed masters of mystery and suspense. By joyce carol oates: when an obsessive collector of bookstores discovers a charming new shop, he decides he must have it at any cost—even if he has to commit murder.

Bookshop Mysteries: Five Bibliomysteries by Bestselling Authors #ad - Mystery, Inc. Five thrilling tales of mystery, and murder from an exceptional quintet of Edgar, CWA Dagger, mayhem, and National Book Award winners. Multiple award-winning, bestselling authors provide the literary thrills and chills in this masterful collection of five ingeniously puzzling mysteries that belong in the library of every crime fiction aficionado.

Remaindered by peter lovesey: for some nefarious reason, the widow and former associates of a slain gangster are determined to keep the Precious Finds Bookstore open following the unfortunate demise of the shop’s owner. Dead dames don’t sing by john harvey: looking for a big payday but finding big trouble instead, ex-London-cop-turned-private-investigator Jack Kiley attempts to uncover the true origins of a controversial, pseudonymously written pulp novel.


Fantastic Crimes: Four Bibliomysteries by Bestselling Authors

#ad Road #ad - A woman’s gift for immersing herself in the plot of whatever book she likes draws overwhelming fame—and misfortune. A great storyteller and a thoughtful one. David morrell, new york times–bestselling author of first blood  Elizabeth George, the New York Times–bestselling author of the Inspector Lynley novels, brings you The Mysterious Disappearance of the Reluctant Book Fairy.

A master storyteller. The star-ledger  christopher Fowler, author of the Bryant and May mysteries, presents Reconciliation Day. An essential writer of popular fiction today. The washington Post  . One man’s obsession with a lost edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula sends him on a dangerous journey to Transylvania.

From anne perry, the new york times–bestselling author of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, comes The Scroll. Prior tomás de torquemada yields the ultimate power, deciding who lives and dies during the Spanish Inquisition, but an ancient, evil tome is about to change that. Hapless bookseller monty Danforth’s recent discovery of a millennia-old manuscript plunges him into a cutthroat conspiracy.

Fantastic Crimes: Four Bibliomysteries by Bestselling Authors #ad - Paul wilson, the new york times–bestselling creator of Repairman Jack, comes The Compendium of Srem. Book-centered mystery novellas from four masters of the craft. If edgar allan poe and monty python had lived in the same country and the same century and somehow struck up a creative collaboration, their work might have resulted in fiction similar to Fowler’s.


The Allingham Casebook

Agora Books #ad - A classic collection of mystery stories: “With skillful plotting laced with tongue-in-cheek humor, Allingham never ceases to intrigue and surprise” Daily Mail. This volume offers eighteen delightful mysteries from the Queen of Crime that will baffle the most ingenious of armchair detectives—and even, at times, the imperturbable sleuth Albert Campion himself.

Keating  . A perfectly splendid collection of short stories. H. R. F. Enjoy one of england’s great golden-era writers at her witty best as she spins delicious tales of high-risk heists and domestic deceptions in this exquisite short story collection.


Good Behavior: A Dortmunder Novel Book Six The Dortmunder Novels 6

#ad Road #ad - They bandage his wound, let him rest, and don’t call the cops—for a price. It’s an impossible assignment—but one he cannot refuse. A hapless thief is drafted by a gang of nuns in need, in a novel by an Edgar Award winner who “has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists” San Francisco Chronicle.

It was supposed to be a simple caviar heist. The father of the youngest member of their order, locked her in a tightly guarded penthouse apartment, has kidnapped his daughter, disgusted by their vow of silence, and is attempting to convince her to renounce her faith. Dortmunder is almost in the building when the alarm sounds, forcing him up the fire escape and onto the roof.

Good Behavior: A Dortmunder Novel Book Six The Dortmunder Novels 6 #ad - The nuns ask Dortmunder to rescue the girl. He leaps onto the next building, smashing his ankle and landing in the den of the worst kind of creature he can imagine: nuns. Although decades removed from his Catholic orphanage, Dortmunder still trembles before the sisters’ habits. But these nuns are kinder than the ones he grew up with.


Wake the Dead The Inspector Thanet Mysteries Book 11

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Wake the dead is the 11th book in the Inspector Thanet Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.  . Inspector luke thanet and his wife are having a wonderful time at the party—until murder intervenes. The victim is the mother of Hugo Fairleigh, local member of Parliament and organizer of the fête.

The thaxden fête is one of the highlights of the Sturrenden social calendar, and this year it promises to be better than ever. The food is exquisite, the music lovely, and the company divine. Det. An elderly woman who suffered a stroke just a few days before, she’s an unlikely target for a killer, yet someone saw fit to hold a pillow over her face until she breathed no more.

Wake the Dead The Inspector Thanet Mysteries Book 11 #ad - Local celebrities have descended on Thaxden Hall to raise money for the town hospice. A quaint english village’s summer gala is interrupted by murder in this award-winning mystery series starring the mild-mannered Detective Inspector Thanet. Written by the cwa silver dagger–winning Dorothy Simpson, understated, Wake the Dead is a perfect English mystery novel: at once tightly plotted, and utterly shocking.

Suspecting the killer came from fairleigh’s own circles, Thanet begins investigating the MP’s family, certain of only one thing: This party is over.


A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers

Mysterious Press #ad - A darker shade of sweden includes an assortment of outstanding crime fiction—never before published in English and in some cases brand-new to this volume—from Larsson and a wide range of other talents including Henning Mankell, the creator of Kurt Wallander; Åsa Larsson; Eva Gabrielsson; Inger Frimansson; Åke Edwardson; Sara Stridsberg; Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö; and more.

Ever since stieg larsson shone a light on Swedish crime writing with his Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, readers around the world have devoured fiction by Scandinavian masters of suspense. Also included is an introduction by Edgar nominee John-Henri Holmberg, exploring the history of these stellar authors and their contributions to crime writing.

A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers #ad - Gripping.  .  .  . Stories by stieg larsson, henning mankell, and over a dozen other masters of Nordic noir: “A wonderful collection” Camilla Lӓckberg. These unsettlingly dark tales reaffirm the dominance of Swedish writers with original crime fiction. The sun UK.


A Lily of the Field Inspector Troy Thriller Book 7

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - The book follows two characters—Méret Voytek, a talented young cellist living in Vienna at the novel’s start, and Dr. In his seventh inspector troy novel, lawton moves seamlessly from vienna and Auschwitz to the deserts of New Mexico and the rubble-strewn streets of postwar London, following the fascinating parallels of the physicist Szabo and musician Voytek as fate takes each far from home and across the untraditional battlefields of a destructive war to an unexpected intersection at the novel’s close.

The result, a lily of the field, is lawton’s best book yet, a historically accurate and remarkably written novel that explores the diaspora of two Europeans from the rise of Hitler to the post-atomic age. Inspector troy of scotland yard returns in “one of the best thrillers of the year” Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review.

A Lily of the Field Inspector Troy Thriller Book 7 #ad - Spanning the tumultuous years 1934 to 1948, John Lawton’s A Lily of the Field is a brilliant historical thriller from a master of the form. Lawton’s thrillers provide a vivid, moving and wonderfully absorbing way to experience life in London and on the Continent before, during and after World War II.

The washington Post  . Karel szabo, a hungarian physicist interned in a camp on the Isle of Man.


The Egyptian Cross Mystery

#ad Road #ad - It will take several bodies before Queen divines the clue that unlocks the mystery of the Christmas crucifixion.   . Ellery hustles his father into his roadster and heads east, since there is nothing he’d like better for Christmas than a juicy, gruesome puzzle. When the queens arrive in Arroyo, they learn that the victim was an eccentric atheist, but not the sort to make enemies.

It’s christmas in chicago, and inspector richard Queen is enjoying a busman’s holiday at a conference on gangland violence—but his son, amateur sleuth Ellery, isbored silly. One of the great golden age detectives is back in a mystery that “pioneered a style which countless writers would follow in the decades to come” American Culture.

The Egyptian Cross Mystery #ad - What initially looks to be the work of a sadistic cult turns out to be something far more sinister. Until, that is, ellery reads of an unusual killing in rural Arroyo, West Virginia: A schoolmaster has been found beheaded and crucified. In the months ahead, more victims will turn up all over the world—all killed in the same horrifying manner.


Sherlock Holmes and the Apocalypse Murders

#ad Road #ad - Holmes is not fazed. Croxley mews is a typical London street: narrow, winding, and dark. The killer was exiled, but now he may have returned—bringing all the terrors of the apocalypse in his wake. He caught jack the Ripper once—and he will do so again. At the height of the ripper murders, Holmes was called in by his brother Mycroft to catch the killer, whose social position made him impossible to arrest.

Watson, who has never before seen a woman disemboweled. It looks unmistakably like the handiwork of that notorious murderer who stalked the alleys of Whitechapel a decade before. It is a murder gruesome enough to shock even the battle-hardened Dr. A gruesome new murder puts London’s greatest detective on the trail of Jack the Ripper—again.

Sherlock Holmes and the Apocalypse Murders #ad - Sherlock holmes has never trod its cobblestones—until the day a woman is found lying dead on them. Day always captures the flavor of Conan Doyle” The Sherlockian E-Times.


The Salton Killings A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery Book 1

Severn House #ad - Then woodend’s inquiry turns up the death of another young girl a generation before. An outspoken northerner, he does his policing the old-fashioned way, and he is convinced that Margie Poole, Diane’s best friend, knows more about Diane’s last movements than she is prepared to tell. Could there be a serial killer on the loose.

 .  . Spencer conjures a great sense of menace in the troubled village, and her epilogue is a real stunner, promising more from a very talented writer. Booklist   “spencer’s us debut provides sturdy mystery-mongering, reliably quaint suspects, and an unusually detailed list of clues. Kirkus Reviews. 1950s cheshire, England.

The Salton Killings A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery Book 1 #ad - When the strangled body of teenager Diane Thorburn is found buried in the salt store, Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend is pulled in from London to investigate. Scotland yard’s chief inspector Charlie Woodend finds himself in a backwater village investigating a murder in this taut police procedural. The similarities in the two cases begin to look more sinister than mere coincidence.